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"Bob, why don't you play golf with John anymore?" asked a friend.

"Would you play golf with a guy who moved the ball with his foot when you weren't watching?" Bob asked.

"Well, no," admitted the friend.

"Neither will John," replied Bob.

Bonus Joke:

A golfer was addressing his ball, getting ready to shoot. As he was about ready to hit, a voice came over the P.A. system. "Will the gentleman on the ladies tee please move back to the men's tee."

He looked up and then resumed addressing the ball again. The voice again, "Will the Man on the Red tees move back to the White Tees"!!

He looked back at the starters shack and said, "Will the man on the public address shut up so that the man on the ladies tee can hit his second shot."

Extra Bonus Joke:

Taking advantage of a balmy day in the city, a friend and three other priests swapped their clerical garb for polos and khakis and time out on the golf course.

After several really horrible shots, their caddy asked, "You guys wouldn't be priests by any chance?"

"Actually, yes, we are," one cleric replied. "Why?"

"Because," said the caddy. "I've never seen such bad golf and such clean language!"

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