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When a woman and her dog moved into the neighborhood and the man next door came to introduce himself, the dog attacked him, tearing at his clothes and inflicting a minor bite.

The woman called her dog off and apologized profusely.

The next day, the man was walking by and, seeing the woman but no dog, decided to show that he had no hard feelings by asking, "How's the dog?"

To which the woman replied, "I did."

Bonus Joke:

Trouser was normally a happy-go-lucky dog. He would chase tennis balls, play with other doggies, and eat his dinner without a fuss. He was a dog without a care.

But on that fateful autumn afternoon, it was to be different.

Trouser's owners were walking him along a trail at the park, when suddenly from out of the bushes jumped a man all dressed in black. He had white paint on his face, and was gesturing annoyingly at Trouser's masters.

This strange person spoke not a word, but proceeded to pretend that he was trapped in a box and that he was pulling on a long rope.

Seeing the sheer horror on his masters' faces, Trouser took it upon himself to rectify the situation. With a low growl he jumped and sank his teeth into this annoying pseudo-clown's leg.

Trouser immediately got a sickened look in his eyes and began to vomit wildly.

He then dragged his tongue all over the ground in an effort to remove the man's foul essence from his mouth.

For Trouser had learned that a mime is a terrible thing to taste.

Extra Bonus Joke:

John had a new dog, but he didn't want to deal with puppies so he got her fixed. However, somehow the gal still got pregnant, and even had identical twins! The media loved it and soon she was a celebrity.

John wrote a book about her entitled, "Two Dachshunds in One: A Spayed Oddity".

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